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little boy

I kind of forgot about LJ for a month or two while I was drowning in work. Hi!

Last Halloween, I bought the boy a Jedi robe for his costume. He fell in love with Lord of the Rings in Feb, particularly Gandalf. Now he wears the robe constantly--to the grocery store, out walking the dog, playing with friends, etc. He also carries a walking staff/wizard staff at every opportunity.

A few days ago, we were walking in the park, and two different groups of people commented on the robe. "Hey, I think Obi-Wan is following us." "Cool costume, are you Harry Hogwarts?" As we were walking away, boy said, "Everyone thinks that I'm wearing a costume, but they don't know that it's just my normal clothes."

There is a preschooler down the street who worships the boy. Whenever he goes by in the bike trailer, I hear him saying the boy's name excitedly. We were driving past his house, and saw him wearing a long playsilk tied around his neck (closest he could come to a cloak, I think) and carrying a stick. Just like boy--it was adorable.

I have some handspun Gotland (same fiber used to make the elven cloaks in the movies) and I promised to make boy a hooded cloak. Hope I have enough yarn.
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