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My mother has called a couple of times in the last week, so we gave her a call back. Turns out that she spent the day in the hospital getting some extreme dizziness checked out (they think it's fluid in the inner ear, so probably nothing serious).

Anyway, she asked to talk to little boy, and then got back on the phone with me. Started talking about how she hasn't been able to sleep since the massacre at Newtown, and then totally lost her shit. I couldn't understand a lot of what she was saying through her sobs, but there was all this stuff surfacing about how my sister never had kids and I've only had one and that's okay but this is her only grandchild and and and. The phone connection broke because their phone is acting weird, but we haven't told little boy about the massacre and he was sitting in the room with me and the whole thing was hard. I was a mess on Friday and I really don't need to go back there right now.


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