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election day

The get out the vote effort actually made it on foot to my house this year. Since moving to this state in 1994, I've always lived in progressive neighborhoods in progressive cities, and the state itself is generally carried by the liberal, literate urban population centers, so usually only the local city and county council candidates come around. Last night we came home from dinner to find the Democrats had left a GOTV doorhanger and local literature. Maybe it's the gubernatorial race that's got them concerned; that one is too close to call.

I almost went Republican on that one, which would be the first time I've gone Republican in a statewide race since William Weld vs. John Silber. But then I read his candidate statement, where he said that govt doesn't create jobs, the private sector does. In this county, the top two employers are the public university and the county, followed by retail chains that pay minimum wage. Let's not forget the huge federal military presence here, either, or the defense contractors in this state. Yeah, I call bullshit on that. I'd intended to vote for him, because he's done a good job as AG and I was hoping the Republican Party would get the message to put up more moderate candidates instead of the crazypants they've tried to inflict on us the last five election cycles. But when he spouted untruths that toed the party line, I got pissed off.

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