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stop whining, please

I just want to tell her to STFU. Instead of whining about how she's not in the UT alumni network, or how unfair it is that black and Hispanic kids with similar academic records got into UT but she didn't, maybe she could have reflected on how she could have worked harder in high school. Or she could have applied to transfer in after a freshman year somewhere else.

No, instead, she decides to sue the university, all the way up to the Supreme Court. Because poor her, her whole fucking life is now ruined because she had to go to LSU instead of UT.

Why is SCOTUS even hearing this case? How many times do we have to have rulings on affirmative action? And why does it even matter to her anymore? 

It is a fact that if you are white in this country, you automatically have a leg up on blacks and Hispanics. For her to pretend otherwise is either incredibly ignorant or willfully stupid. When law enforcement talks about racial profiling, they are not talking about catching all the white Canadians who are in this country illegally (e.g., they are the 2nd biggest illegal immigrant group in California). They are not talking about finding and stopping the next Timothy McVeigh. They are talking about brown people.
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