journeywoman (journeywoman) wrote,

parenting milestone

I've hit a milestone: grounding my kid for the first time, at age 7. He'd been playing with a friend a couple of doors down for a couple of hours, when he came home and said his friend's family was going for a walk in the park; could he take the dog? I said no, we had to leave soon to go pick up dinner. I said that an hour ago, that would've been fine, but now we had to leave.

Apparently the boy took that as meaning that the dog couldn't go, but he could. When he left, I thought it was to tell his friend that he couldn't go, but no, he left for the park. Really?? You thought that I had to take the DOG to get dinner?

When he finally showed up an hour later, I told him he was grounded--no playdates tomorrow. I've already cancelled the one that we'd set up, and he won't be allowed to play with anyone else, either.

I don't think I'm being unfair. Am I?
Tags: grade school, parenting

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