September 10th, 2013


how do I stop automatic payments to LJ?

I look at my account status page, which is where I'm supposedly able to stop payments. It indicates that I'm a paid member with autopayments. I can buy automatic or manual payments, but I have no option to change the card or to halt payments. Help?

Boy has started third grade. It was a relief to finish second grade; the teacher was so rigid about behavioral expectations and even after he improved his behavior and his choices, she still looked constantly for infractions. She was a good teacher, but a total throwback to the "children should be seen and not heard" mentality. If she had kids, she'd probably make them sit still and study their catechism on Sundays.

Business is horribly busy. I am a basket case half the time from the stress. It will be such a relief when this month is over. October is already booked but not to the extent that Sept is. I need to hire someone who can do photography, listing, production, and maybe social media, but I am doubtful about finding someone with all those skills and I don't have time to train them anyway. I need to clone myself, only with less neuroses about photography.